Before starting to set up the integration make sure you have a page on Facebook.

We will begin by setting up a Facebook application. Go to Facebook developers site:

Facebook ste 1

After setting up the app we will add a Messenger product set up:

Facebook ste 2

The next ste is to generate a token for the page:

Facebook ste 3

Save the token in your credentials.local.yml in fb_token key.

Now, let set up the address which Facebook will interact with Nuntius. Click on Setup Webhooks:

Facebook ste 4

After that a modal will open for you:

Facebook ste 5

Couple of things:

  • The address is the address of the facebook webhook handler -
  • The token is not mandatory, it can be anything.
  • Under Subscription Fields check all the boxes.

You'll get this if anything is OK:

Facebook ste 6

Now, we need to set up the page as a subscriber to the events we selected:

Facebook ste 7

Please note that for now, when this doc been written, you can't change the address of the webhook.