Gizra became a company when a lot of the employees are remote: USA, Canada, Spain and the list goes on. That status required from us to start using Slack. But the problem is that we wanted Slack to be cool. The obvious idea is to have a bot. The bot will interact with us and might improve the way we communicate.


Like any awesome superhero, Nuntius have an origin story. It's not a tragic origin story when his uncle-CPU died due to lack of understanding that with great power comes great responsibility.

Nuntius in Latin means messages. That was the original project - a chat based on any backend technology: Drupal, Wordpress, NodeJS, etc., etc. that could connect to any front end technology(React, Elm, Angular, etc., etc.) and using any WebSocket service(Socket.IO, Pusher, FireBase). The project was too much for a single man but the name lived on.

Set up.

You'll need PHP 5.6 and above, Composer and RethinkDB.

After creating a bot, Go to Click on Manage and under Custom integration you'll see your bot. Click on the bot to get the access token.

Install composer components and start RethinkDB:

composer install

Let's start and run the installe:

php console.php nuntius:install

After that will finish you need to run

php console.php nuntius:run

install Gif

That's it. Nuntius is up and running.


Nuntius integrations is done through the hooks.yml file. All the events, entities, tasks and other features(you will soon see) are listed in hooks.yml. In case you forked the project, and that the reasonable scenario, you need to create a hooks.local.yml in the settings directory.

The hooks.local.yml allow you to override the definitions in hooks.yml thus gives you the option to swap everything in the system.