After setting up Drupal, let's set up Nuntius for that. We will start by editing hooks.local.yml file:

  fb_reminders: '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\FbReminders'

# List of updates.
  2: '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\AddFbReminder'

# List of webhooks and te matcher handler.
  'facebook': '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\DrupalExampleFacebook'
  'drupal': '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\Drupal'
  'facebook-drupal': '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\FacebookDrupal'
# List of FB postback handlers.
  'register_me': '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\RegisterMe'
  'un_register_me': '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\UnRegisterMe'

# Manage tasks.
  fb_manage_updates: '\Nuntius\Examples\Drupal\FacebookUpdatesManage'

What's going on there?

  1. We added a new Entity to store the recipient IDs of the Facebook Messenger accounts we need to update.
  2. We created an update path to create the table of that entity.
  3. We specify the webhooks routing.
  4. We added FB postbacks items
  5. We added a new Facebook task to handle the incoming text.

We also added the webhooks routing we defined in the Setting up Drupal section.

In the next part we need to the token which will help us validate the incoming request. Update the credentials.local.yml by adding the Drupal token:

drupal_token: 'me'