Develop smart bot easily

Nnutius documentation


Bots are now the hot thing alongside VR. You may think about bots as an AI entity sitting on the cloud and runs a neural network for knowing any thing about your users. In reality - it's far away from that.

Bot are much versatile:

  • Slack bot for your team and automate stuff or monitoring events relate to your clients or your infrastructure and send you information on the various rooms.
  • A Facebook Messenger bot which helps users get information from your site quickly or about events relate to the site.
  • Buy products with buttons through the known text interface.

Bot won't replace a site or an application but will be an extra communication path.

Slack integration

So you understood the need for creating a bot. You looked for a good Slack library that will make it easy but you could not find any. You are right! most of the slack integration are very raw and this is where Nuntius comes to the rescue.

Nuntius will integrate with RTM events and give you real-time response for slack events, any events, and with easy API you could implement a task base on the user messages. In addition to that you'll get:

  • Entities to store data in the DB
  • Update mechanism to change stuff in the DB after you deployed your bot
  • CLI commands for install and running updates
  • Webhooks integrations(fully customizable)
  • Cron tasks.

Facebook Messenger

Yes. The Messenger platform is based on webhooks. Nuntius is not an opinionated framework - you need to set up the bot in the Facebook developer platform. Implementing feedback is also elaborated.